Client Testimonials - Tax & Accounting

"PERFECTLY POSITIONED TO SERVICE SMALL & MEDIUM SIZED BUSINESSES" During the last 20 years or so I have worked as a solicitor servicing the legal requirements of many small & medium sized businesses. During the course of my work I frequently have occasion to speak to business owners and managers about tax, financial and accounting matters, and I am struck at how often the conversation turns to the accountancy profession, and the extent to which different firms of accountants meet the differing needs of businesses. It would appear that although some "smaller" firms may well provide excellent cost effective services with a personal touch, they sometimes do not have the wide ranging expertise or experience to cover all tax, financial and accounting matters. Conversely, it would appear that whereas "larger" firms invariably have the expertise and experience, they can sometimes be rather costly and lack the personal touch. More than once I have heard "When I telephone my accountant I never get to speak to the same person twice" etc. Throughout my dealings with the firm I have never heard any of these criticisms levelled at ABG, which appears to have positioned itself perfectly to service all the accountancy requirements of small & medium sized businesses. ABG appears large enough to possess the necessary expertise or experience to cover all tax, financial and accounting matters, but small enough to be cost effective and have the personal touch - a rare balance that is so often sought by business owners and managers. Those of my clients that instruct ABG have nothing but praise for the firm. I have no hesitation in recommending ABG whenever the opportunity arises, and it is my pleasure to provide this testimonial.

Alan Massenhove