Corporate Tax

Bonus or commission? Can you claim R&D tax credits? Could you benefit from claiming capital allowances? What is patent box? 

Should I pay a Bonus or Commission?

Let's look at the difference in how bonuses and commission are structured.

Can I claim Research & Development (R&D) Tax credits?

Despite being on the statute books for over a decade, there are still companies not claiming the hugely valuable research and development (R&D) tax relief.

Could you benefit from claiming Capital Allowances?

Ahead of this year end, be sure to review your capital expenditure to maximise claims for capital allowances.

How much is R&D Tax Relief worth?

Research & Development tax relief is obtainable at the rate of £2.25 in the £.

New rules for the treatment of salaried LLP members

New rules for the treatment of salaried LLP members will take place from 6 April 2014.

On what expenditure can I claim Research & Development Tax?

In order to claim Research & Development Tax on expenditure your company must have a project which seeks to achieve an advance.

What is Patent Box?

The Patent Box is a corporation tax relief for relevant intellectual property profits of a company’s trade.