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Tax return date imminent

16 Jan 09

Taxpayers are being reminded that they must file their self assessment returns online by 31 January if they wish to avoid a £100 penalty.

Don’t reduce safety training, employers advised

16 Jan 09

Employers are being warned not to reduce levels of workplace safety training as a way of saving costs.

Businesses get more time to pay £350 million in tax

15 Jan 09

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced that some 20,000 businesses have so far made use of the Business Payment Support Service (BPSS), delaying payment of £350 million in tax.

Online sales hit record levels

15 Jan 09

As the high street continues to reel under the pressures of the economic downturn, e-retailers enjoyed a record-breaking Christmas.

Savings returns dip to new low

14 Jan 09

Savers have been confronted with more bad news on the release of figures from the Bank of England showing that savings accounts are paying out the lowest interest rates since 1995.