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Late payment a problem, VAT cut of little help, say businesses

01 Jun 09

A new survey has revealed that for many firms delays in invoice settlement are on the increase, while the reduction of the VAT rate has not been effective in tackling the downturn in business.

Employers looking to tighten up on expenses

01 Jun 09

Increasing numbers of businesses are planning to scrutinise employee expense claims more closely in the future.

Micro businesses need more help with training

29 May 09

The UK’s smallest businesses are losing out on government-backed training schemes and should have a dedicated skills body that more effectively represents their needs.

Red tape imposing costly 'burden' on European businesses

29 May 09

The cumulative cost to Europe’s businesses of the various regulations and rules with which they must comply amounts to €1 trillion over the past 11 years, it has been claimed.

Level of R&D tax credit rejections 'increasing'

29 May 09

Concerns have been expressed at the number of research and development tax credit claims that are being turned down.