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Budget 2009: the economy – borrowing up, growth down

22 Apr 09

The Chancellor was forced to revise his estimates for the rate at which the UK economy will shrink this year.

Budget 2009: an outline summary

22 Apr 09

The Chancellor has delivered one of the most important Budgets in years against a backdrop of rising unemployment, soaring government borrowing and quite possibly the hardest hitting recession since the Second World War.

Government announces strategic business plan

21 Apr 09

The government has set out plans for extra investment in the UK’s business and industrial future.

Chancellor warned over new top rate income tax

21 Apr 09

The government could fail to raise the amounts of money it anticipates following the Chancellor’s decision to introduce a new 45 per cent top income tax band, it has been claimed.

Stamp duty change may be extended

21 Apr 09

It is thought that the Chancellor may use the Budget to announce that last year’s temporary cut in stamp duty will be extended for a further three months.