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Are you an overseas businesses looking for an international accountant to help you enter the UK market?


Setting up or operating a business in the UK can be complex, but that is where our team of UK accountants and tax experts can help overseas business owners.  However, it is important you seek our help, before you make any strategic business decisions.

From deciding on the type of legal entity you require, opening and operating a UK bank account, UK tax and VAT or UK employment and PAYE issues, we have a team that can help.

ABG has a dedicated team that focus on helping overseas companies who are looking to operate in the UK market. Our specialist international accounting team provide services bespoke to you and services that enable you to expand into the UK market as seamlessly as possible.

One thing we cannot stress highly enough is that business owners keen to operate or set up a business in the UK should seek expert advice from outset, before proceeding with the UK setup of their business.

We commonly see business owners come to us once their entities have been set up and trading names established and by then it is often too late for us to look at any business structuring or tax planning opportunities that might be advantageous to you and your business and this can cost your business more in the long run.

Our experience with offering accounting and tax services to overseas businesses

Our experience tells us that in order for a business to be successful local knowledge is extremely important as well as specialist expertise and familiarity with local cultures and compliance requirements.  As chartered accountants, registered auditors, tax and business advisers, our team provides all the professional advice and support you need. 

We are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and are members of EAI International.  EAI International is an association of independent tax and accounting firms each regulated in their own jurisdiction providing us with worldwide representation.  We currently have connections in 91 towns and cities worldwide and access to over 1,500 tax and accounting professionals.

Our international accounting services to business owners based outside of the UK include new business start-up, auditaccounting and taxation. As well as dealing with the financial affairs and tax planning of high net worth individuals.

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