ABG's Team

Alex Coull, Manager, Arram Berlyn Gardner LLP, London Accountants EC1
Alex Coull
Associate Director
020 7330 0145

Area of expertise - Compliance and advice services in accounting, auditing, corporate and personal taxation.

Specialist sector knowledge - recruitment, manufacturing, property and film directors/producers

Bashir Khan, Director, London Accountant, London EC1
Bashir Khan
020 7330 0132

Area of expertise - Compliance and advice services in accounting, auditing, corporate and personal tax

Specialist sector knowledge - media, property, retail, technology and leisure

Partner, Outsourcing, Ben Hooper, Arram Berlyn Gardner EC1
Ben Hooper
Partner, Outsourcing
020 7330 0010

Area of expertise - Outsourced Finance & Accounting services

Specialist knowledge - Supporting UK and international businesses with their internal accounting and finance matters

Claire Brown, Office Manager, Arram Berlyn Gardner London
Claire Brown
Office Manager
020 7330 0091

Claire is responsible for ABG's administration function, office health & safety and the day to day running of the office.

Specialist knowledge - Environmental impact and the reduction of our Carbon Footprint.

David Fairchild, Manager, Arram Berlyn Gardner London accountant EC1
David Fairchild
Associate Director
020 7330 0056

Area of expertise -  compliance, audit, accounting and personal taxation.

Specialist sector knowledge -  precious metals/jewellery, security, recycling, property and regulated businesses

Dion Laycock, Tax Director and Probate Practitioner
Dion Laycock
Tax Director
020 7330 0044

Area of expertise – Probate, personal tax and tax Investigations (residence, domicile and offshore structures/trusts). Protecting family wealth and representing clients in tax investigations through to Tax Tribunal and higher courts.


Eleanor Wilkinson, ABG Corporate Finance, London
Eleanor Wilkinson
Partner, ABG Corporate Finance LLP
020 7330 0019

Area of expertise - Corporate Finance & Mergers & Acquisitions

Specialist knowledge - Private equity, overseas trade buyers, mid-market UK businesses.


Filiz Zekia Arram Berlyn Gardner, London Accountants, Tax Advisers
Filiz Zekia
020 7330 0024

Area of expertise - Compliance, audit, personal & corporate tax advice for businesses and high net worth individuals.  

Specialist sector knowledge - Media, retail, wholesale and property. Turkish speaking.


Gary Bentley, IT Manager, Arram Berlyn Gardner
Gary Bentley
IT Manager
Contact main switchboard

Gary is responsible for ABG's IT function.


Gary Jackson, Partner, Arram Berlyn Gardner London Accountants, Auditors and Tax
Gary Jackson
Senior Partner
020 7330 0003/07831 509277

Area of expertise - Accountancy & business advice that helps clients achieve their aims and objectives

Specialist skills - Lateral thinking and objectivity 


Grahame Major, Banking Consultant, Arram Berlyn Gardner London Accountants EC1
Grahame Major
Banking Consultant

Area of expertise - Banking consultancy

Specialist knowledge - Helping small and medium sized owner managers with banking arrangements.

Howard Reuben, Consultant, Arram Berlyn Gardner AH Limited
Howard Reuben
020 7330 0102

Area of expertise - Accountancy & business advice for entrepreneurs and business owners

Specialist sector knowledge - Retail, property investment, manufacturing, leisure & travel

Ian Hughes, Partner, Arram Berlyn Gardner London EC1
Ian Hughes
020 7330 0006

Area of expertise - Audit and ABG's Head of Audit

Specialist sector knowledge & skills - Shipping, freight forwarding, construction and travel (including ATOL). Sits on one of the ICAEW’s professional conduct and regulatory committees...

Ilana Diamond, Manager, Chartered Accountant in London Arram Berlyn Gardner
Ilana Diamond
Associate Director
020 7330 0144

Area of expertise - Compliance and advice services (accounting, auditing, corporate and personal taxation) for owner-managed businesses.

Sector knowledge - music, publishing, manufacturing and consultancy services.

Jaspal Rooprai, Associate Director, Arram Berlyn Gardner, London EC1
Jaspal Rooprai
Associate Director
0207 330 0058

Area of expertise - Accounting and taxation for SMEs, self-employed individuals, partnerships and high net worth individuals.

Specialist sector knowledge - Film/TV, Sport, Media, Healthcare and Professional services.

Jay Shah, Chartered Accountant, Arram Berlyn Gardner London EC1
Jay Shah
Associate Director
020 7330 0108

Area of expertise - Taxation, personal and corporate for high net worth individuals, sole traders, partnerships and directors.

Specialist knowledge - Inheritance Tax and VAT (compliance & planning).

Jean-Francois Lefort Chartered Accountant Arram Berlyn Gardner London EC1
Jean-Francois Lefort
020 7330 0149

Area of expertise - Compliance and advisory services in all areas of accounting, auditing and taxation

Specialist knowledge - Property, retail, media, service sector and overseas trusts.

John Donohoe, Partner, London Accountant EC1 Arram Berlyn Gardner
John Donohoe
020 7330 0068

Area of expertise - Accountancy and business advice for entrepreneurial businesses and private clients.

Specialist skills - Preparation of forecasts, budgets and business plans for presentation to potential fundraisers including banks.

Jon Platt, Manager, Arram Berlyn Gardner, London EC1
Jon Platt
Associate Director
020 7330 0052

Area of expertise - Compliance, accountancy, corporate and personal tax

Specialist sector knowledge - Property, manufacturing and service sector.

Julie Piper, Arram Berlyn Gardner,  Auditors, Tax Advisers London
Julie Piper
020 7330 0025

Area of expertise - Audit & compliance.  

Specialist sector knoweldge - Property, travel, charity and FCA regulated businesses.

Katherine Edwards, Arram Berlyn Gardner London Accountants
Katherine Edwards
Associate Director

Area of expertise - Compliance and advice services in accounting, auditing, corporate and personal tax

Kay Merryman, Head of Marketing, Arram Berlyn Gardner, London
Kay Merryman
Head of Marketing
020 7330 0012

Area of expertise - Marketing, business development & GDPR

Specialist knowledge - SEO, event management, PPC, GDPR, digital marketing and content marketing.


Kevin Boom
Kevin Boom
020 7330 0105

Area of expertise - Business compliance and advice services

Specialist sector knowledge - FSA regulated businesses

Kristian Gavan, Partner ABG Corporate Finance
Kristian Gavan
Partner, ABG Corporate Finance LLP
020 7330 0021

Area of expertise - Corporate Finance mid-market UK businesses.

Experience -  Private Equity & leveraged transactions. Specialist expertise in the business & support services, human capital and energy sectors.

Mark Brown, Arram Berlyn Gardner, Accountant London EC1
Mark Brown
020 7330 0070

Area of expertise -  Annual accounts preparation, statutory audit, monthly management accounts.

Specialist sector knowlege - Travel, media, construction, professional partnerships, LLP’s and solicitors.


Mark Rubinson, Partner, Arram Berlyn Gardner, London Accountants
Mark Rubinson
020 7330 0005

Area of expertise - Business advice, tax planning and wealth protection

Specialist knowledge - Advising owner-managers and high net worth individuals across a variety of sectors



Michael Haig, Tax Director, Arram Berlyn Gardner
Michael Haig
Tax Director
020 7330 0031

Area of expertise - Corporate tax

Michelle Irwin, Arram Berlyn Gardner, Accountant, London
Michelle Irwin
Associate Director
020 7330 0079

Area of expertise - Compliance, audit, accounting, personal and corporate tax.

Specialist sector knowledge - Charities and not for profit, TV and film production and property.

Natasha Keenan, HR Manager Arram Berlyn Gardner
Natasha Keenan
HR Manager
020 7330 0000

Area of expertise - HR

Specialist knowledge - Learning and development, recruitment and employee relations.


Paul Berlyn, Partner Arram Berlyn Gardner, London Auditors, Business & Tax
Paul Berlyn
020 7330 0004

Expertise - Running a professional services firm, business & tax advisory, audit & accountancy.

Specialist knowledge - Buying, structuring & selling businesses, share option schemes, property & recruitment sectors.

Paul Curry, Associate Director, Arram Berlyn Gardner London Accountants
Paul Curry
Associate Director
020 7330 0084

Assists entrepreneurs to develop & grow their businesses through advice & tax planning such as share options or R&D claims


Paul Laxton, Associate Director, Arram Berlyn Gardner Accountants London
Paul Laxton
Associate Director
020 7330 0054

Area of expertise - Compliance and advice services in accounting, auditing, corporate and personal taxation.

Paul Morris, Arram Berlyn Gardner, London Accountants
Paul Morris
020 7330 0026

Assists entrepreneurs in developing and growing their businesses -undertakes special projects such as MBOs, corporate restructuring and strategy reviews.




Philip Tatam, Arram Berlyn Gardner Chartered Accountants London
Philip Tatam
Tax Director
020 7330 0028

Area of expertise - Income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax and inheritance tax.

Specialist knowledge - Offshore trusts, company and group reorganisations, residence and domicile issues.

Richard Durell, Chartered Accountant, Arram Berlyn Gardner, London EC1
Richard Durell
020 7330 0007

Areas of expertise – Compliance and business advisory services in audit, accounting and tax planning

Specialist knowledge – Leisure & hospitality, start-ups, e-commerce, forecasting, business plans, fundraising

Rishi Khosla, Arram Berlyn Gardner, Chartered Accountants London EC1
Rishi Khosla
Associate Director

Area of expertise - Compliance and advice services in accounting, auditing, corporate and personal tax

Specialist sector knowledge - technology, property, and media.


Sabir Islam, Corporate Tax, Arram Berlyn Gardner, London Tax advisers EC1
Sabir Islam
Associate Director
020 7330 0029

Area of expertise - Research & Development, Residence and Share Options

Specialist sector knowledge - Construction, property, retail and manufacturing.

Sarah Carter, Arram Berlyn Gardner London Accountants
Sarah Carter
Associate Director
020 7330 0097

Area of expertise - Corporate tax compliance

Specialist knowledge -  trading and investment companies, trade associations, livery companies and trade unions.

Sarah Wilson, Partner, Arram Berlyn Gardner LLP
Sarah Wilson
020 7330 0015

Area of expertise – Compliance & business advisory services in audit, accounting & tax planning.  Strategic & practical business advice to owner managed businesses. 

Specialist sector knowledge – Property, Start...

Saul Bergbaum, Associate Director, Arram Berlyn Gardner LLP
Saul Bergbaum
Associate Director
020 7330 0126

Area of expertise – Compliance/advice – accounting, corporate and personal taxation

Specialist sector knowledge – Property

Shantha Ramoutar, Arram Berlyn Gardner, Accountants, London
Shantha Ramoutar
Associate Director
020 7330 0034

Area of expertise - Personal tax compliance & planning. 

Specialist knowledge -  High net worth individuals, sole traders partnerships & company directors.

Stephen Ryder, Associate Director
Stephen Ryder
Associate Director
020 7330 0083

Area of expertise - Compliance, audit, accountancy, corporate and personal tax 

Specialist sector knowledge – Property, FCA, software, travel and service sectors.

Tim Palmer, Tax Consultant, Arram Berlyn Gardner LLP London
Tim Palmer
Tax Consultant
020 7330 0101

Tim is one of the UK’s most prolific tax lecturers. Tim also writes for the leading tax magazines. 

Victor Dauppe, Arram Berlyn Gardner, London Accountants, Tax & Business Advisers
Victor Dauppe
020 7330 0022

Area of expertise - Personal and Corporate Tax

Victor sits on the Corporation Tax subcommittee, the Small Businesses Working Group of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and is a council member of the Institute of Indirect Taxation.