How can technology help you grow your business?

6th January 2021

Event dates: 
11 February, 2021 - 09:00 - 10:00


With light at the end of the pandemic tunnel we know that many of our clients are starting to think about how to grow or scale up their businesses.  We are therefore delighted to invite you to join us on 11 February 2021 at our "How can technology help you grow your business?" webinar.     

For this session we will be partnering with Mark Aikman of Ignition Transformation, who specialises in IT/digital business change. 

During this session, which will be held via Zoom, Mark will enlighten us on how business owners can harness the use of technology in order to support business growth. He will pose some questions to help you identify where your growth opportunities lie – for example:  

  • How can technology help you grow within an improved efficiency strategy?
  • Is your primary opportunity in using technology to approach and retain customers?
  • Is your best option to expand by processing transactions with greater speed and efficiency? 

Mark believes that understanding which opportunities offer you the best route to growth will immediately show you the right technology investments to make - and, possibly more importantly, which ones to avoid.

The objective of this informative and practical session is to get you thinking!  Mark will set out how business owners should select priority technologies to match their strategy, using a simple checklist of questions. 

We will be pleased to offer a Q&A session at this online event when Mark will be happy to answer your questions. 

More about Mark Aikman: Mark is an internationally-recognised global technology leader. He has worked on numerous international brands including T-Mobile, Cadbury Schweppes, BP and Upfield, a divestment from Unilever and today he leads IT and business change consultancy at Ignition Transformation. 

Event location

Arram Berlyn Gardner
30 City Road
United Kingdom

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