Budget 2021 impact statement

by | Oct 27, 2021

We are aware that reading numerous – and often tedious – updates that list budget changes, do not address two key concerns: 

What is the impact of this budget on my business or personal finances? 

To address these concerns, this year we will be writing and sending you a Budget Impact Statement.


We will endeavour to send you this before 9am on 28 October. Much will depend on the length and complexity of the issues that Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, addresses.  Please keep an eye on your inbox – it will be sent by email to your usual address.

And be sure to get back to us if any issues raised, interest or concern you.

What to expect

Our Statement will focus on the major issues included in the budget that we feel will open new opportunities for readers, or that provide a “heads-up” warning of approaching changes and the actions we recommend be considered before some future deadline.

Planning is recommended

Following the budget, we will be re-examining our tax planning services and you will be alerted to the results of this process.

As always, we ask that you do not act on any of the information provided in our Budget Impact Statement without first calling so that we can help you consider your options based on your individual circumstances.

Spread the word

One final request. Please send a copy of our Budget Impact Statement to your work colleagues, family, friends, or business contacts who you feel may appreciate reading what we have to say.

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