Planning for business recovery

We cannot predict the date of a return to normality, but there are some practical steps you can take to minimise potential disruption to your business and maximise opportunities

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Roadmap to release from UK lockdown

Rules in England will be lifted in five-week stages and with four conditions that must be met at each stage. These are that the vaccination programme continues successfully, hospital admissions and deaths continue to fall, pressure on the NHS is manageable and there is no major impact by virus variants.

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Covid-19 – Economy latest

This week we have seen some gloomy economic figures showing that the UK suffered a record annual slump in 2020. Last year the economy shrank by nearly 10% as coronavirus restrictions hit output, stated the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

On the positive side, The Bank of England chief economist Andrew Haldane has commented that the UK economy is like a “coiled spring” and that consumer confidence would surge back thanks to the vaccine programme.

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February – latest Brexit news

The UK and the EU continue to discuss the recent problems surrounding the implementation of the new trading rules for Northern Ireland. Whilst both parties declare their commitment to the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP) it is clear the confusion at the borders surrounding the checks taking place is causing delays and uncertainty to businesses and disruption to supplies of essential items such as food. The NIP was designed to ensure an open border remained on the island of Ireland after Brexit. The UK has called for a two-year delay in implementation and there is push back from Ireland and the EU who state any pause in enforcement can only be for a matter of months.

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CIS VAT changes 1 March 2021

A reminder that from 1 March 2021, the long awaited VAT changes for CIS registered contractors, who are registered for VAT, will apply. The following notes explain what needs to be done.

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Film & TV Production Restart Scheme

Many film and television productions have been paused during the pandemic due to a lack of insurance against Coronavirus-related losses, such as filming delays when cast or crew members are ill. The £500 million Film and TV Production Restart Scheme, launched in October 2020, means productions are protected against these delays, giving them the confidence to resume filming.

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Latest Covid Business News

With the Government announcing that English businesses with over 50 employees’ will be eligible to apply for workplace lateral flow testing we can start to see a picture of the “New Normal”. It is possible that the new normal will include faster, regular testing in the workplace and when travelling and attending events as well as voluntary social distancing and regular vaccinations against the virus and its new strains but what else is on the agenda?

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Landlords Tax Planning Checklist 2020-21

Many landlords have seen significant reductions in rental income during the past year and those that have significant loan commitments have been faced with selling property to reduce exposure.

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