Complimentary tax webinar – The Construction Industry and the new VAT reverse charge

by | Sep 24, 2020

On Wednesday 4 November 2020, our tax consultant, Tim Palmer, will be presenting a webinar entitled ‘The New Construction Industry VAT reverse Charge’.
This new measure is one of the most important VAT changes in recent times. It comes in on 1st March 2021. It will mean that in many instances construction subcontractors will no longer charge VAT for their work to contractors. The contractors will account for the VAT on their behalf to HMRC!  This is a massive VAT change in practice. 
Tim will explain in detail how this new VAT system will work and the new VAT responsibilities of contractors and subcontractors alike and practical case studies will compliment his presentation.
This is a vital webinar for anyone involved within the construction industry to view and attend.
If you wish to join us and reserve a place please visit our webinars registration page 

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