HMRC and Companies House: online filing extension

by | Mar 26, 2020

It was announced on 25 March that businesses will be able to apply to Companies House for a 3-month extension on filing their accounts. All companies who apply for an extension as a result of COVID-19 will automatically be granted the extension without needing to provide evidence. 

If this extension would take the Companies House filing date beyond the anniversary of the end of the period of account, then, under FA 1998, Sch. 18, para. 19(b), the Corporation Tax filing date will be extended to the same date.  This provision, however, would have no effect for the majority of companies required to file their accounts by 9 months after the end of the accounting period, as the extended Companies House filing date would coincide with the normal Corporation Tax filing date

Please note: this only protects the company from the fixed penalty. The tax-geared penalty will arise 18 months after the return period, if any tax remains unpaid at the 18-month date.

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