Self employed income support – HMRC will be contacting you!

by | Mar 15, 2021

You will be contacted by HMRC, and here is why…

Did you commenced self-employment after 5 April 2019?

If you started your self-employment after 5 April 2019, you were initially denied any support under the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) and access to the first three quarterly payouts to 31 January 2021.   Thanks to a change announced by the Chancellor in the March Budget, you may now be eligible – for the first time – to grants that will be made available for the quarter end 30 April 2021 and a final period to 30 September 2021.  

However, HMRC are adding a further security check 

To counter fraudulent use of the SEISS scheme, HMRC have decided to contact taxpayers who became self-employed during 2019-20, and who submitted a self-assessment return for that period. 

What can you expect the HMRC letter to say? 

The letter will tell you to expect a telephone call on the number provided on your tax return. If our contact details were added to your return, as your agent, HMRC will ask us to pass on your contact number.  

On this occasion, as your agent, we cannot deal directly with HMRC and they will need to speak with you to obtain proof of identity and evidence of trade in the form of bank statements. 

Why are HMRC sending a letter and then a phone call? 

Here’s what HMRC said: 

We are aware of increased scam activity related to HMRC’s coronavirus support schemes. The purpose of the letter is to explain to you that this is a genuine call, and to give customers details on how to recognise it as such. 

Are you worried about HMRC calling you?

HMRC’s reason for this added layer of security seems to be to exclude fraudsters from making claims. But if you have any concerns regarding this process, please call HMRC on the phone number published on their website or speak to us as your Tax Agents.

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