self employment income support scheme – claims now open

by | May 13, 2020

The Self-Employment Income Support scheme claims service opened at 8am on 13 May 2020.  

If you are eligible for the scheme you should have been contacted by HMRC.  You should have received either a letter, text or email.  Please be very careful when responding, and ensure the communication you have received is not spam or a fraud attempt.  

HMRC would have explained to you the claims process and you should have received a date and time when you can make your application.  If you cannot make the date and time you have been sent, there is no need to panic as the application time does not expire, it just means that you cannot apply until that time.  

With the claims portal now open it is expected that the majority of applications will be made between today and 18 May.  HMRC are expecting payments to reach bank accounts from 21 May provided this is at least 6 working days after your application was made and the payment you will receive will be calculated over the 3 month period covering March, April and May.  

if you require assistance with your self employed affairs please contact us on 020 7330 0000.


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