Tax planning for property landlords webinar

We invite you to join us and our Tax Consultant, Tim Palmer, at our 29 September 2022 tax planning for UK property landlords webinar.   This free 40 minute session will take place via Zoom and will commence at 9am.   During this session Tim will be covering:

  • How landlords calculate taxable rental profit
  • Tax planning for landlords
  • The 60 day CGT pay and file regime for landlords
  • IHT planning
  • Should an individual landlord incorporate?

If you wish to join us for this session please register via the Zoom registration link below.

Once registered you will receive a link via the Zoom portal which grants you access to the session on 29 September.  If you wish you register for more than one person, you will need to replicate the registration process as each attendee requires their own personal access link.

Please visit our publications page 24 hours before this session to download a copy of the accompanying notes.

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