UK exports more services than manufacturing

by | Feb 3, 2016

The UK is remarkably successful at exporting its services.  We produce services which attract customers from all around the world.  Since the middle of 2015, overseas sales of services have exceeded the value of manufacturing exports.  Exports from the UK are not only physical goods, they include everything sold to an overseas customer including services. 

Business and financial services are a major part of this export success.  But many other sectors contribute including – technology, including software and gaming; television, music and film; fashion and design; education and health services; travel, tourism and culture; and more.  Britain’s long history as an international trading centre, our membership of the EU and our language, culture and expertise all help to underpin our success. 

Looking ahead, these activities are the industries of the future providing access to financial security, business knowledge, technology, media, creativity, education and better health allowing Britain to become a hub for new service industries which are likely to dominate the 21st cenury.

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