Creative Sector Tax Relief

Creative Industry tax reliefs are a group of tax reliefs specifically targeted at companies undertaking certain activities in the entertainment industries.  There are 5 different groups of reliefs targeted at specific industries:

Film Production (Film Tax Relief)

Television Production (Television Tax Relief)

Children's Television (Children's Television Tax Relief) 

Video Games Development (Video Games Development Tax Relief)

Theatrical Production (Theatre Tax Relief) 

The effect of the relief is to provide either an enhanced tax deduction for relevant qualifying expenditure or to give a repayable tax credit whereby the company can surrender a relevant trading loss to obtain repayment directly from H M Revenue & Customs.  

As with all tax reliefs there are detailed rules and conditions which must be met.  Some conditions are common across all 5 reliefs but others are conditions which are specific to each individual tax relief.  

If you would like to discuss how your business might qualify for creative sector tax relief, film tax relief, television tax relief, children's television tax relief, video games development tax relief, theatre tax relief please contact one of our team of London based tax advisers on 020 7330 0000.