At some stage in their development, almost all successful companies will need to bring in additional capital.  Whether to build new infrastructure, develop a new product or service line, expand your geographic reach or make a strategic acquisition, getting the right capital structure and provider for your needs can be vital to the outcome. 

ABG Corporate Finance LLP has access to a broad and diverse network of investors and a detailed understanding of the value they can bring to you and your business.  We look at all aspects of our clients’ capital need and risk profile, not just the quantum, helping you to understand whether asset-based-lending, traditional senior bank debt, high yield, mezzanine or private equity is most suitable. 

By taking the time to understand your business and the opportunity it offers, we can take the burden of a fundraising process away from you and your management team, allowing you to focus on delivering continued growth.  

ABG Corporate Finance LLP offers a truly Partner led service, bringing you the combined experience of over 20 years in corporate finance from professionals with a passion for working with mid-market UK businesses.