All investors need to manage the risk in their investment portfolio, but many entrepreneurs find themselves a victim of their own success, with too much of their wealth locked up in their company.  Where selling the business is not the right solution, ABG Corporate Finance can help you to create liquidity by releasing some of the value you have created. 

We can work with you to understand the potential for raising new capital, providing a clear and straightforward assessment of your available options.  We will work with you to find the most suitable capital provider from amongst our extensive network of debt and equity investors, ensuring you get the best possible terms and a stakeholder who genuinely understands your business. 

Our experience of raising fresh debt and equity capital for private companies, combined with tax planning advice from ABG LLP, means you can de-risk your investment whilst still enjoying the benefits of future growth. 

ABG Corporate Finance offers a truly Partner led service, bringing you the combined experience of over 20 years in corporate finance from professionals with a passion for working with mid-market UK businesses.