Even for seasoned investors and serial entrepreneurs or management teams, the process of investing is filled with risk, hard work and uncertainty.  It is time-consuming and distracting.  When making the commitment to invest, you need to know your advisory team is there to take some of the burden, keep you focused on the relevant points and provide you with best-in-class insight and guidance. 

ABG Corporate Finance has a strong track record of working with professional management teams, successful entrepreneurs, blue-chip corporates and private equity investors from across the world, delivering advice that keeps your best interests right at the very heart of the debate. 

We can help you to critically evaluate investment opportunities, create a robust strategic business plan, negotiate suitable terms and raise the required debt and equity capital.  Understanding risk allocation we are often able to negotiate structural changes to a transaction that help bridge the gap between what the vendor wants and what you are willing to risk – never forgetting that the best advice may be to tell you to walk away. 

ABG Corporate Finance offers a truly Partner led service, bringing you the combined experience of over 20 years in corporate finance from professionals with a passion for working with mid-market UK businesses.