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Accountants for charities and third sector organisations

Arram Berlyn Gardner’s specialist Charities and Third Sector accountants work with a range of charities and not for profit organisations.

The focus when it comes to assisting and adding value to our third sector clients is always the same: ensuring your regulatory and compliance requirements are met in a way that maximises income at an affordable rate, whilst at the same time building a strong, professional relationship with the Board and key stakeholders.

Whether your charity needs to submit charity accounts and report to the Charity Commission or whether it requires advice on Trustees’ Annual Reports, gift aid, annual returns, cashflow management, internal control procedures or risk management it will benefit from our clear, concise, professional advice and guidance.

How do our third sector accountants help?

Charities and not for profit organisations have specific needs. Obtaining value for money, providing robust, transparent financial reports, with outputs measured against key performance indicators.

Expert advice to help organisations to operate efficiently and cost effectively.

We aim to add value by providing a high-quality service that enables management to identify and explore new opportunities, improve processes and enhance their external image.

Similarly, they need to file charity accounts (if required) and submit gift aid claims. It is important that these are handled carefully, dealt with accurately and in a timely manner to maintain the good reputation of your cause.

Our accountants working with the third sector also provide expert advice on internal control procedures, annual returns, cashflow management, reserves policy and accounting for separate funds as well as outsourced accounting.

If you would like to discuss how Arram Berlyn Gardner can support your charity or not for profit or if you wish to arrange a free initial consultation, call us today on 020 7330 0000.




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