Arram Berlyn Gardner (Chartered Accountants) have been providing specialist accountancy services to the entertainment sector for more than 50 years.

The Entertainment sector spans a wide range of both businesses and individuals including performers, producers, publishers, camera crew, researchers, writers, musicians, bloggers and Youtubers as well as their representatives and agents.

The fast-moving environment of the entertainment world, fluctuating income streams, licensing deals, reconciling royalties and sometimes new celebrity status puts businesses and individuals under pressure and, that is where our specialist team of entertainment sector accountants and tax advisers can help.

How do our Entertainment sector accountants help?

Our entertainment sector accountants have for many years been the trusted advisors to numerous individuals and household names all within the entertainment, music and sports arena.

We help businesses in the TV, film and gaming industries achieve their growth plans as well as gaining access to Creative Industry Tax relief and, where applicable, Research & Development Tax Relief.

Our specialist team can assist with:

Specialist tax advice including corporation tax, capital gains tax, capital allowances, and even the new tax super-deduction.

Business structuring including shareholdings and how best to structure drawings for shareholders/directors (mix of salaries/dividends)

Accessing Creative Industry Tax Relief (allowing businesses that qualify to claim an enhanced deduction for certain production costs).

EIS/SEIS structures

Research & Development tax claims.

Specialist tax advice including corporation tax, capital gains tax, capital allowances, and even the new tax super-deduction.

Structuring packages to incentivise new and key people coming on board.

Day-to-day accounting, monthly or quarterly accounts (a must for business owners and outside investors), quarterly VAT returns and all aspects of payroll. They will also organise accounting software and make recommendations (Xero, Sage etc).

Cross border, international and overseas issues – we have representation in most major jurisdictions in more than 400 towns and cities worldwide.

If you would like to discuss how Arram Berlyn Gardner can support your business activities in the entertainment sector or if you wish to arrange a free initial consultation, call us today on 020 7330 0000.


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