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The owners of new and expanding businesses often find that the demands upon their time to keep on top of running their businesses mean that they have very little, or no, time to spend concentrating on the day-to-day record keeping.

Business owners often find that the volume of accounting/bookkeeping work within their business may not yet justify the cost of an inhouse bookkeeper and this is where outsourcing your finance function (or elements of it) can offer you the flexibility and expertise that you need.

We know the importance business owners place on being able to access regular, accurate business accounting records.

ABG’s outsourced accounting team can prepare your bookkeeping on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or on an as required basis and in the majority of cases we would recommend using market leading software such as Xero. Utilising the functions of Xero and the expertise of our outsourced accounting team we will keep up to date your customer and supplier invoices and provide you with reconciliations of your bank accounts. All of these reports will enable you to effectively monitor your business cashflow.

Accurate records are the foundations of your business. They form the basis of your management accounts and VAT returns and ABG’s outsourced accounting team can assist by providing these services enabling you to spend your time working on your business rather than in it!

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“Having direct and immediate access to real-time finacial information should never be under estimated, data is king! ”

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