Smarter Payroll Payments

we can help make your Payroll payments faster

ABG’s payroll team have teamed up with the payments technology platform Modulr to prepare your payment workflows and submit information to you through a secure cloud-based portal.

All you need do as the client, in order to pay your payroll over, is click and approve, no more emails or spreadsheets to worry about.

As the client you can fund the payments with a single payment, initiated at the same time as your approval, which is much faster and more convenient than traditional online bank transfers.

This frees up your time so you can focus on what it is you do best, growing your business.

By teaming up with Modulr you can…

  • Free yourself from your payments admin burden whilst retaining approvals control
  • Approve payments in just a few clicks, instead of manually uploading
  • Your payments are managed efficiently in a single, regulated and secure platform.

If you wish to speak to a member of our team in connection with payroll or how we integrate our payroll services with Modulr, please contact us on 020 7330 0000 or you can email Ben Hooper at

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“Paying your employees on time is critical.  We can help you manage, approve and pay the payroll in a few clicks.  Leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business”

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