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The UK’s tax system is becoming more complex. Staying up-to date has become a full-time job and there are serious reputational risks if you get it wrong.  

Our specialist tax advisers advise professionals both in the accountancy and tax sector, and in industry, on all areas of tax including Stamp Duty Land Tax, ATED, VAT Capital Goods Scheme, IR35, CIS, Inheritance Tax, Non Domicile and Residency, Trusts, PAYE, Probate and Estate, COP8 and COP9 enquiries and Corporation Tax.

How can ABG’s tax consultants help you?

We offer tax advisory services specifically for accountants in practice.  We have a specialist team of inhouse tax experts ready to assist and support professionals.  We regularly assist accountants and tax advisers who find that they do not have sufficient inhouse expertise or experience in a certain area of tax within their own firm.  

As well as working with accountants our team also work with solicitors, IFA’s, business owners and private clients providing them with specialist tax advice and support in a way that they understand.   

Where our services are engaged for tax planning and tax compliance we quote a fee in advance and draft a tax planning strategy or report for presentation to your client.    

If you are engaging us to work on tax disputes, COP8 or COP9 enquiries or HMRC investigations we can draft letters to HMRC on your behalf, provide advice on tax tribunal cases and, if required, support your client at any meetings with HMRC.  

We will only ever deal with your client on the project for which we are engaged. We will respect your client relationship at all times.  We would invite you to be present at all meetings, if you prefer, and/or we are happy to provide the advice directly to you and act on a no names basis.   

If you wish to speak to a member of our tax team today please contact us on 020 7330 0101 or email 

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