Eleanor Wilkinson FCA

Partner, ABG Corporate Finance LLP

Eleanor enjoys working with Entrepreneurs throughout the life-cycle of their investment journey.  She understands the pinch points of both growing and maturing businesses and what investors and acquirers look for at each stage.  She likes working with businesses in a variety of sectors as often the most exciting deals are when dynamics from one industry can be applied to another.

Knowing that “the devil is in the detail” Eleanor ensures she understands the nuances of the businesses she represents and the individual goals of her clients.  Armed with this knowledge she is able to present the business in its best light and act as a sounding board to her clients to discuss, debate and explore the pros and cons of options, tactics and strategies throughout the transaction.  Combining this leads to the right deal for the business and its shareholders.

Eleanor is a fellow of the ICAEW.  Prior to founding ABG Corporate Finance in 2013 she worked at Livingstone Partners (now Arrowpoint Advisory), KPMG Corporate Finance and KPMG where she qualified as a Chartered Accountant

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