Voluntary digital disclosure

voluntary digital disclosure and hmrc tax investigations


If you decide to approach HMRC before they investigate, you will want to consider a voluntary Digital Disclosure. This needs to be done in a carefully managed way by a specialist who will manage your relationship with HMRC through until closure. 

If your tax irregularity does not qualify for a current HMRC campaign or does not warrant seeking admission to COP9, the best way to make the disclosure to HMRC is through the Digital Disclosure Service. 

You will usually have 90 days to submit the full disclosure from when you notify HMRC that you intend to make a disclosure.

If you are already subject to a Code of Practice 9 or Code of Practice 8 enquiry you might like to read how we help our clients with HMRC Tax investigations.    

If you would like to confidentially discuss how Arram Berlyn Gardner can assist you please contact us on 020 7330 0000 or email abglondon@abggroup.co.uk.  


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“It is better to approach HMRC before they approach you. Making a voluntary disclosure of tax irregularities will result in a better outcome with lower penalties. Tell them before they tell you!”

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